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Self-Drive Overview, Rules and Specs

Spec 2

Self-Drive (formerly Spec 2) rules: 2018 Self-Drive rules.

Potential 2018 Self-Drive Teams:
-LTU-Hyundai MOBIS-Dataspeed-Soar Technology Inc.-Realtime Technologies Inc. (1st Place in 2017 Self-Drive Competition)
-Bob Jones University (2nd Place in 2017 Self-Drive Competition):
Bob Jones University's Spec 2-like Vehicle (Bruin-1) Video
Bob Jones University's Spec 2 Vehicle (Bruin-2) Summary
-Oakland University-Continental (3rd Place in 2017 Self-Drive Competition)
-Florida Institute of Technology
-University of Detroit Mercy
-New York University
-Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
-University of British Columbia
-University of Michigan Dearborn
-Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
-West Virginia University