Latest IGVC News

  • MathWorks offering free software to IGVC students under the AUVSI Foundation Robonation: Download PDF here

1/16/2018 - IGVC 2018 Sponsor Update - Continental, OpenJAUS and Robotic Research:
  • Continental has been a long-time supporter of IGVC and is a German automotive manufacturing company specialising in tires, brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, tachographs, and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries. Continental was a sponsor of last year's new Self-Drive competition, providing engineering support for Oakland University's Self-Drive vehicle entry, which placed 3rd place in 2017.

    OpenJAUS is a new IGVC supporter with over two decades of experience in designing, developing, testing and validating JAUS-based software solutions. OpenJAUS sponsorship will be valuable in expanding student understanding of current JAUS UGV requirements being pushed within the U.S. Government and Industry to simplify UGV software development and interoperability.

    Robotic Research, a leader in self-driving cars and trucks, is the global leader in autonomous operations for large and small vehicles. The company has supplied autonomous operations kits on numerous robots and military vehicles. This includes the first autonomy kits deployed in military vehicle operations in 2006, achieving autonomy level 5. In addition, Robotic Research is currently the premier supplier of autonomy kits for the US Army’s Autonomous Ground Resupply Expedited Leader-Follower program for military convoy operations. Additionally, Robotic Research’s technology has operated on roads in various locations such as Fort Hood, Fort Bragg and Afghanistan.

    Robotic Research is working closely with industry leaders to transition our DoD autonomy technologies to the commercial market. In conjunction with our self-driving vehicle growth in additional markets including Greenville, South Carolina, Robotic Research is excited to announce sponsorship in IGVC. Robotic Research President/CEO, Alberto Lacaze, stated “It is a great honor to provide sponsorship to IGVC and we are excited that we will help shape the future of driverless transportation. We at Robotic Research are fully committed to supporting IGVC’s service as part of cutting edge of engineering education.”